Have you ever wondered why your back is hurting?

Have you ever wondered why your back is hurting?  Your shoulder could actually be the problem.  Joint pain is real and people often contribute it to the aging process or arthritis, usually relying on medication to relieve the pain.

But what if I told you that aging and/or arthritis may not be the cause and medications may not be necessary? Getting older doesn’t mean you should just be sitting in a rocking chair figuring out your last days on this planet. There is a different way of thinking . . . there can be efficient, functional movement without pain.

At our new Pilates By Val studio, we will be conducting Mind-Body Connection workshops using the Franklin Method to train you in this different way of thinking. Mind-Body Connection means clearing your mind of external stimuli created by cell phones, tablets, computers, etc. Turn all these off, close your eyes, and attempt to have no thoughts for one minute . . . just try it!

This may be difficult for you at first, but a Mind-Body Connection workshop can teach you how to more easily clear your mind so that you can focus its energy on correctly performed exercises that will alleviate pain as well as prevent injuries.

Our Mind-Body Connection workshop will change your body by changing your mind!